Agile Delivery Manager / Scrum Master

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Job Description

Job Description:

At DXC Technology, delivering excellence for our customers and colleagues is more than just a motto, it’s something we strive towards constantly through our work. Every day we deliver mission critical services in a secure environment whilst promoting our people first agenda, a real sense of community and a healthy work-life balance. Our consistently positive customer feedback and continuous growth helps us cement our place as one of the world’s leading IT solutions enterprises, helping us deliver services and solutions in both challenging and exciting situations.

We believe that hiring a diverse team is crucial to our success and our recruiting decisions are based on your skills and experience as an individual. We actively encourage consistent growth on our journey towards a culture of inclusion and recognise that the people we employ are vital to providing a great customer experience. As such, we have a variety of training, support, and tools available to aid in your continual personal and professional development. Our ongoing goal is to drive innovation and modernise operations across the board, which includes furthering the skills of our colleagues. At DXC, building a better you, builds a better us.


Be the client’s DXC point of contact for the delivery of the Product.

Represent the Product delivery team as a whole and the DXC resources within that specifically.

Agree the delivery approach to be taken and ensure the roles and responsibilities within that approach are understood (e.g. Scrum, Kanban, W-agile etc.). 

Responsible for client satisfaction of both the end Product and its delivery.

Delight the customer; identify growth opportunities.

Maintain focus on Delivery

Understand the terms of engagement (whether that’s a commercial vehicle, an internal work order etc.).

Agree the current scope with the client (e.g. a Prioritised Product Backlog).

Address any differences between the terms of engagement and current scope promptly and appropriately as and when they occur. Ensure a common understanding is clearly communicated.

Manage scope changes appropriately, in conjunction with the client and internal stakeholders and with consideration to delivery deadlines, budgets, quality and resources.

Understand the engagement budget in terms of a man day or cost profile.

Track actual days/cost against the profile and address any expected variance promptly.

Update profile forecasts as a result of plan or resource changes and manage any expected variance appropriately.

Check DXC team members’ time bookings.

Identify internal & external stakeholders and ensure there is a common understanding of roles and responsibilities across the engagement.

Identify when and how to appropriately engage with each stakeholder e.g. regular or adhoc meetings and written communications.

Identify the resources needed to deliver the Product in conjunction with Dev Ops capability manager & Portfolio Lead.

Highlight any resource constraints or risks promptly as and when they are identified.

Discuss any training needs, performance or people care matters with the Dev Ops capability manager / Portfolio Lead.

In conjunction with the client and team agree how quality will be measured and approved for the engagement (e.g. Coding Standards, Automated Testing, Definition of Done, Product Reviews & Feedback).

Ensure Product is delivered against the agreed quality measures.

Create and manage an agile delivery plan that supports progress tracking and reporting relevant to the agreed delivery approach.

Track and report progress against plan relevant to the agreed delivery approach.

Identify blockers and execute remedial actions when required.

In conjunction with the delivery team identify and record delivery risks and issues.

Ensure risks and issues are managed appropriately and actions are completed in a timely manner.

Escalate risks and issues when necessary.

Communicate risks and issues clearly and appropriately to client, team and relevant internal and external stakeholders using an agreed process with your Tribe Lead.

Ensure any new risks or issues as a result of decisions taken are fully understood, agreed and communicated.

Agree schedule of meetings and reports with client, team and relevant stakeholders, appropriate to the delivery approach taken.

Manage meetings and reports as per agreed schedule.

Stop or change meetings and reports that do not provide value.

Attend Tribe Governance meetings and scrum of scrums.

Prepare and produce individual governance reports.

Foster a collaborative, open and trusted working environment for the team.

Ensure all team members viewpoints are heard and valued.

Support the team by resolving issues, facilitating in disagreements, taking problems to wider management on behalf of the team members.

Provide a barrier to the team from external distractions.

Actively participate in the Delivery Manager community, sharing and re-applying skills and knowledge and bringing in best practice.

Actively participate in the overall success of your Portfolio by ensuring a broad understanding of your wider tribe goals and that of the wider Apps Service Line.

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